Nov 19

Lock up your children…

zombie hordes are on the way.

Going to be in the PDX for the biggest December birthday since Jesus, and one of these days soon, it truly will be celebrated and an interstellar holiday. Not just because Elisa killed John Lennon, and Dimebag Darrell, and Slim Pickens, and Golda Meir, either. And nevermind that NAFTA was signed, and the Eagles released “Hotel California”… it is truly a day of celebration! In spite of all the horrors, we were truly blessed on that day, and it will never be forgotten!

Just prior to this infamous day of debauchery, there shall also be a celebration of the red-velveted and furry one that terrorizes children across the globe, and there will be much rejoicing. And even more drinking. Though I need a local to tell me… is it really going to be out in Hillsboro? Tell me this is all in jest. Regardless, I’ll be there with (jingle) bells on.

And what trip would be complete without a visit to the McLaughlin Center for the Performing Arts? I desperately need a steak night, or in this case, “day”. We’re celebrating Sunday School in style, by reveling in the beauty that results in the meshing of plastic surgery and methamphetamines.

I’ll likely also need me some arm candy for the company ChristmaChannuKwanzStice party. Applications now being accepted; large IQs, ability to be DD, and access to opiates strongly favored.

If you don’t know my new number, email me. If you don’t already have it, missmyfirstname at the google mail should help you figure that out.

So many of you that I can’t wait to see, and until I do, Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Prayer By: William S. Burroughs